2003 - 21st August
- Chad was born in Poole, Dorset days later he went to watch his first speedway meeting at Poole.

2005 - Age 2
- Started riding 2 wheeled bicycle with stabilisers.

2006 - Age 2/3
- Learnt to ride bicycle without stabilisers.

2007 - Age 3/4
- Received a Mini- Motard 50cc quad quad for his 4th birthday.

2008 - Age 4/5
- Had first Motorbike, a PW50.

2009 - Age 5/6
- Day after his 6th birthday, Chad took part in first Moto-x meeting at Honiton on a Husky-boy 50. A few weeks later he lined up in his first Grasstrack in the Auto Cadets at Bristol on his husky. Had his first Speedway kevlars made for him by D-Star.

2010 - Age 6/7
- Chad tried Speedway for the first time at Newport. Later that season he had his first ride at Isle of Wight, It was a demo race. Chad had his first proper Grasstrack bike made from scratch by Mike Read - Phoenix Racing.

IMG 0147

2011 - Age 7/8
Had his first proper Speedway bike made, again by Mike

IMG 0148

and got the opportunity to mascot at Poole Speedway, unfortunately it was here that Chad broke his first bone - his humerus.

IMG 0149

Even though it was a clean break and healed with just a cast, it still meant he couldn't ride for 6 weeks although he was invited to attend Davey Watts meeting.

IMG 0150

Chads first meeting back was a Pairs Meeting at Danebury with Tom Brennan.

2012 - Age 8/9
Carried on with Speedway practices around the country. Continued to be Poole’s Mascot.

2013 - Age 9/10
Chad tried Cycle Speedway at Poole. He also did some Flat-track rounds, He won the British Championship that year in his class but didn’t continue.

2014 - Age 10/11
Chad progressed to 150cc Hagon engines this season and continued with his Speedway practice.

IMG 0151

2015 - Age 11/12
This was the last season that Chad was Mascot at Poole, but Chad was part of Darcys benefit meeting.

IMG 0152

2016 - Age 12/ 13
- Started competing in Longtracks in Germany.
- Osnabruck, Vechta, Shwarme, Melsungen, Bielefeld.
- Took part in the Pitbike Speedway Tournament rounds at Iwade during the winter season, he was the youngest competitor.

IMG 0153

- This was the year that Chad started attending My First Skid at Isle of Wight Speedway.

2017 - Age 13/14
- This season saw more German Longtracks as well as Speedway practice in UK. Chad tried Sandracing at Mablethorpe a few times during the winter.

IMG 0154

- Chad continued attending MFS but also started as on the the Mascots before the meetings.

2018 - Age 14/15
- Carried on practicing at various tracks in UK.
- Isle of Wight, Plymouth, Rye House, Sittingbourne, Eastbourne, Leicester, Peterborough to name a few.
- Took part in a Longtrack in Osnabruck.
- Won Junior C class.

IMG 0155

- Competed in World Best Pairs in Bielefeld, withdrew from meeting after high speed crash chasing 1st place and resulting in badly broken arm and internal damage.

IMG 0156

they still managed to get 2nd but it meant lining up for Isle of Wight Warriors would have to wait.
- Out for 3 months with injury but came back practicing at various tracks in October.
- Took part in Wimborne Whoppa in his first 250 adult class but realised he wasn’t strong enough yet after accident so withdraw.
- Provisionally signed for Isle of Wight Warriors to start in August when Chad turned 15, this was put on hold due to his accident in Bielefeld.

2019 So far Age 15
- Chad lines up with Isle of Wight Warriors for the first time.

IMG 0157

He also rides for SDL team The Isle of Wight Wizards.
- Practiced in Macon, France.
- Once with a group and once with The Young Lions.
- Took part in 250cc adult GT.
- Continues MFS.
- Rode at Osnabruck, first time back riding in Germany since crash.

Best Achievements
- British Flat-track Champion - 2013.
- GRASA youth rider of the year.
- 2nd in World Best Pairs - Bielefeld 2018.

IMG 0158

- 3rd in World Best pairs - Bielefeld 2017.

IMG 0159

- 1st in Junior C class - Osnabruck 2018.
- Fenland Champion Auto 2 years in row.
- Southern Centre Championship at 50cc.
- Sid Sheldrick Rider of the Year 2017.

- Broken right Humerus , clean break so healed well on its own in a cast.
- Broken left Humerus, multiple breaks so held together with 2 rods and wires. Internal bleeding.
- Various cuts, grazes, burns and bruises. Concussion a couple of times.

- Chad and sister Brooke organised a non-uniform day at their school to raise money for the Darcy Ward Foundation after Darcy had his life-changing accident, they managed to raise just under £1000. Neil Middleditch kindly brought one of Darcys bike to the school to go next to Chads.

IMG 0160

- Chad has been invited to talk on BBC Solent Radio and they have him in now and again with updates on his riding.

IMG 0161

- BBC South Today came to the Isle of Wight Press and Practice day as he is the youngest person to line up for Warriors.
- Invited to Isle of Wight TV station to talk about MFS.
- Featured in Bournemouth Echo on a couple of occasions - Turbo Triplets.

IMG 0162

IMG 0163

- Chad was the first youth rider to have a suit made for him by D-Star.
- Lead the Weymouth carnival with others from Weymouth Speedway.

IMG 0164

Chad would like to say 'Thank You' to the following for their help over the years (In no particular order)

Mike and Denise Read
Ricky Neale - Shorne Speed
Andrew Appleton
James Wright
The Blandford School (for allowing the time off)
Barry Bishop and all at My First Skid
Finally my Dad Dave driving me around, being my mechanic and funding everything!




“Grasstrack at its best!”



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