Wimborne MCC have postponed the Wimborne Whoppa from Sunday 23rd September until Sunday 21st October 2018, the event will still be at our Merley Hall Farm venue. The change has been forced upon the club due to the amazing hot weather the south and indeed the country has been basking in which has created extremely hard ground and grass that is now a fire risk.

With putting the event back a month it allows time for some rainfall to hopefully soften the ground and to bring back the grass for the landowners sheep. Landowner Mr John Wood who like farmers around the country is facing a tough winter, with currently next to no green grass he is having to use his winter feeds early. It was touch and go if the event would be able to run this year due to the hot weather, normally we moan about the rain disrupting our lives and events so this is quite a surprise. After taking everything into consideration, the committee together with Mr Woods continued assistance and friendship, are very pleased to be able to confirm the running of our 50th anniversary Whoppa this October.

If you are able to display an updated A5, A4 or A3 poster we have these available for download below, please help your local grasstrack club if you can, every bit of help no matter how small or large is really appreciated by the committee. We have two versions a full all out colour and a more basic version, feel free to download both and use whichever you prefer.

Wimborne MCC are also looking for much needed volunteer help for this event, if you are fit and able to help set the track up, man the gates, help dismantle the track after the racing has finished and assist with many more jobs that need doing on race day as well as before and after please email or private message us via our Facebook page.

If you would like to help sponsor part of our event, a race sponsorship, trophies, fastest race or advertise in our race day programme, track side banner placement or an advert on our website please contact us via email below.

Please follow our social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter as well as check back on our website for updated information, the weeks will soon pass and we will be racing once again in Wimborne.

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